2000年代は、このような経済主義に替わるものとして人間生活の質の向上をめざす時代だといわれ、これに役立つ科学技術のあり方が望まれています。 このことは、従来の開発の方向を基本的に再検討することとなりましょう。

The economic policy in the past quarter century, driven in reckless pursuit of economic growth for the reconstruction after the World War II, has inevitably brought about a deterioration of the environment and human life.
Material abundance obtained at the sacrifice of these human factors shows clearly that science and technology have been developed to save primarily private enterprises which were in quest of their own profit rather than finding a means of marking human life happier.
Apart from such economic priority, it is said that 1990's are meant to be dedicated for a promotion of man's well-being. For this purpose, therefore, it is hoped that a new way of utilizing science and technology shall be established. To realize this goal, it is requisite for us to reorientate the conventional development concept.
The Ken Research Institute, fully aware of this turning point, is exerting with its all-out effect to contribute to an ideal advancement of science and technology through its activities, such as, research works, investigations, development, education, exchange of persons, and information service on the problems of science and technology.